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Picture of kitchen



Material used behind the hob.


Appliances designed to be fitted into appliance housing.

Built under

Appliance designed to be fitted under a worktop.

Induction hob

Uses an electro magnet to heat the pans, recognised as the quickest and safest methods of cooking.

Inset drainer

Drainer machined in stonework tops.

Le Mans corner

Intelligent storage used in a corner situation.

Magic corner

Intelligent storage used in a corner situation.


Medium density fibreboard.


Melamine faced chipboard.


A self-cleaning system for ovens.

PP edging

SQ edging in different finishes of polypropylene-type edging, used to edge laminate worktops in.

PVC edging

The edging on the front of the carcass in a colour to match.

Soft close

Mechanism that stops drawers and doors from closing noisily.


Tap with three handles: hot, cold and filtered.


Type of sink designed to be fitted under stone or timber worktops.


Material used instead of tiling up the wall and at the back of the worktops. This is normally in the same material as the worktops.