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Modern German lacquered kitchen with Silestone worktops in our Showroom in Derbyshire

How we work

When planning a fitted kitchen there are certain criteria to establish:

  • What style of furniture is being used? This has a huge impact on the design.
  • Will you require an eating area?
  • What kind and what amount of cooking do you do?

Your general lifestyle

Please remember it's not just the fitting of the kitchen, there will be other factors you need to budget for when planning the job:

  • Flooring
  • Plastering
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing work
  • Decorating
  • Building work
  • Lighting
  • Audio/video

The way we work

Most of our clients have already visited us at our Swadlincote showroom and given us a insight of their lifestyle and kitchen requirements. The next step is a site visit to survey the kitchen. At this stage we will compile a wish list, decide which range of furniture, worktops and appliances interest you and establish how you want to use your kitchen. This usually takes between one and two hours. We will create the first set of plans based on this information. We will then sit down with you and talk through the options; at this stage we will supply you with a set of plans and a detailed breakdown of all costs. On acceptance of the project we will arrange another survey and arrange for our electrician to complete a full electrical survey as, due to the new part p regulations, additional work may be necessary to comply with current regulations.

Time scales

This can be one to five weeks depending on the work involved.