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Worktop Materials


The majority of laminate worktops are normally 38mm thick. The normal construction is of a chipboard core with a resin impregnated paper bonded to the top and curved around the front of the board. When the board is finished in this manner it is called Post forming. Other front finishes to laminate are metal and polypropylene.


There are numerous timbers available: the most popular size is 38mm thick, although other sizes are available. The maintenance required is not as daunting as most people think; tops only need “oiling” twice a year. Draining flutes can be machined to facilitate a draining board

Natural Granite

This is a natural stone and the slabs that the tops are manufactured from are 20mm or 30mm. 20mm is used for upstands and backsplashes, and sometimes two pieces are bonded together to create 40mm tops. 30mm is the preferred size. Numerous options are available due to the way this material can be worked.

Man-made Granite

This a mixture of resin and granite. It is available in the same sized slabs as the natural products and can be machined the same, but is stronger so is more flexible in certain situations. It is also available in a range of lighter colours not available in a natural product.


This is now available with any RAL colour bonded to the underside. It is normally used in a natural finish however it is also available with an etched finish.

Door Materials

Doors are constructed from different materials to suit the style of the kitchen.

Hand painted in-frame doors

These are a mix of tulip wood and MDF. The tulip wood is used for the outer frame and the MDF is used for the centre panels, door frame and large panels. This is because the MDF is very stable, will not shrink and takes paint well.

Traditional five piece timber doors

The frame is solid timber, however, depending on the style of the door, the centre panel may be wood veneer on an MDF core.

Foil or vinyl wrap

These are an MDF or chipboard core onto which a resin impregnated paper or a vinyl is vacuum bonded.